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What if I refer a hundred candidates and they all get hired?

The sky is the limit!

We'll pay the rewards on unlimited candidates for each referrer. We believe in the power of local networks and that the best way to find talented people is through referrals. Even if you refer a thousand and they get hired we will pay them all :)

How are you able to pay such large rewards and sign-on bonuses?

It's simple!

Hiring companies pay the rewards to find talent and hire faster and better. Finding strong talent is hard. Hiring companies have traditionally paid recruiters significant amounts to source potential hires. It's time we opened that to everyone especially in the world of remote cross-border work

I'm interested in the role for myself. Can I refer myself?

Yes! Absolutely!

If you apply/refer yourself and get hired you will still receive the referral reward as a sign-on bonus! When submitting the referral form enter your own email twice in both referrer and friend fields.

How and when do I get paid the referral reward?

Paypal within 30 days of candidate's start date

If you refer someone (including yourself) and they get hired, you will receive the reward through Paypal within 30 days of the starting date of the new job of the person hired. Example: You refer Jane to a role on Tantive on May 1st. She interviews and receives an offer letter on May 15th. Her start date on the new job is July 15th. You will receive the reward between July 15th and August 15th via Paypal (assuming she does start on the new job of course). Please make sure your Paypal account is connected to the email you used to make the referral.